Keeping Your Family Healthy On A Budget

Everyone wants to do what’s best for their family. We want to keep them happy, healthy and carefree. Unfortunately, however, many find that the goods and services they require to provide a healthy lifestyle cost more than they can afford, while unhealthy options tend to be much cheaper. With limited funds, keeping your family healthy can be very difficult indeed.

To try and help you work out how to provide the healthiest lifestyle possible for your family without having to take out a second mortgage, we’ve put together some helpful tips on keeping your family healthy on a budget.

Ditch The Running Fees

We understand: gyms are a great place to exercise. The equipment is all there, there can be classes that are a lot of fun, and there are trainers dotted around ready to help you. But at the end of the day, if you’re trying to save money, paying to get a little hot and sweaty isn’t always viable.

Giving up your gym membership doesn’t mean that you have to stop exercising altogether – of course not – but there are many more cost-effective ways of getting your blood pumping. Go for a run, take the kids for a walk or to the local park. Play tag and football with your kids. Have a mini dance party.

If it’s structure and trackable fitness that you enjoy most from your gym membership, get yourself a structured exercise regime. Try out a running app, or check out an exercise video or book such as BX Plans.

Five BIG Benefits of keeping your kids active:

  1. Helps children develop strong bones and muscles
  2. Improves children’s cardiovascular (heart and lungs) system
  3. Reduces the risk of some chronic diseases in later life
  4. Reduces body fat and helps them feel good about themselves
  5. Improves social development and reduces anxiety and stress

Become A Healthy Snacker

You don’t need to cut out snacks altogether for a healthier lifestyle, just replace unhealthy snacks like crisps and chocolate with healthier options like fruit and vegetables. As a general rule, these options will be fresher, cheaper and will make you feel better.

Remember never to go for pre-cut vegetables and fruit bags, as you’ll spend more on packaging than on actual fruit. Snack packs, salad bowls and other convenience treats may save you a little bit of time, but their excessive packaging are damaging to both the environment and to your wallet.

Save a little money by planning ahead. If you want to stock up on snacks, buy some fruit and veg and cut it up yourself. We can guarantee that it won’t simply cost less, but will also taste and feel better!

Compare Those Prices

One of the best way to make sure you’re getting the best deal is to check out price comparison websites, such as mySupermarket or Which?. Through these websites, you can select the products you need and then pick the store that offers the cheapest overall price. This may seem like it would take more effort than it’s worth, but the price differences between supermarkets can actually be surprisingly large.

Don’t Let Takeaways Tempt You

It’s not always easy to find the energy or motivation to cook a healthy meal from scratch, especially after a busy day. We all fall victim to the glossy advertising of takeout companies every once in a while, but we really should try not to. Greasy takeaways are tasty, yes, but they are a treat. And they’ll only stay a treat if you don’t have them often!

Cooking your own food is more time-consuming and requires a great deal more forethought, but it really is worth it. You don’t have to get rid of takeaway food altogether. Sometimes it’s the only option, and sometimes it’s a special occasion. Just try and make the effort to cooking your own meals as often as you can.

Your wallet and your arteries will thank you.

Search for cheap recipes to plan your meals ahead

When it comes to home-cooked meals, cheap doesn’t have to mean tasteless. There are plenty of dishes out there that can be cooked with inexpensive, easily accessed ingredients, and their recipes can be found all over the internet. Just a few favourites are:

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