‘Coronaspeck’: The Lockdown Lbs and what to do about them

This is a guest post by Millie Elizabeth

Since the government put the nation under a protective lockdown in March, 48% of the adult population say that they have put on weight. 30% of people have gained over half a stone in the 100 or so days that we were housebound. If you are a millennial (meaning you were born between 1981 and 1996), you’re even more likely to have gained some weight – with 59% of milennials saying they had put some on.

It has become such a common thing across not only the UK, but almost every nation that underwent any level of lockdown, that the Germans have come up with a name: Coronaspeck. It translates to Corona fat, or Corona bacon, according to the Independent. And it is definitely something a lot of us are dealing with right now.

And it is not a surprise; we have all had a wrench thrown in the works; everything seemed crazy when it all got announced – the country was running out of toilet roll! There was a 31% increase in alcohol sales in March, which we all know doesn’t help us with our waistlines.

But things began to settle, and people got used to working and staying at home. Zoom calls, House Party nights and home offices became the norm. But the uncertainty of the virus, the economy, the furlough – it all had an effect on people’s mental health. More people than ever were complaining about lack of sleep, weird dreams, and a state of anxiety. And it’s this state of fear that experts have said contributed heavily to half the population to piling on a few pounds. With boredom, and a lack of routine on top of this, people were binge eating – and binge drinking – more than usual. Which, combined with all gyms being shut, and many people being unsure or unable to workout at home, led to the inevitable.

So what can I do about it?

Well, first of all, putting on a few stress pounds is not the end of the world. And experts are saying that it is essential that we pay attention to our mental health as well as physical. For instance, nutritionist Priya Tew suggests that we ‘add to’ rather than take away from our diet by adding another serving of something healthy to our diets, while the uncertainty and some elements of lockdown are still around to influence us. There are ways of altering your diet ever so slightly to make it healthier, as discussed in The Essential Guide to Weight Loss.  It could be as simple as watching the level of fatty foods you are having and swapping them out.

However, if you would rather improve your health through exercising (or both!), there are ways to do it carefully that should ensure you do not sacrifice your wellbeing for the sake of weight. You really don’t have to venture too far to find a way of exercising that suits your needs and level of expertise. However, many people are struggling with this working out at home concept, as it relies heavily on self-motivation. To tackle this, it is suggested that scheduling your exercises around your life as a ‘non-negotiable’ and doing them first thing in the morning is the right way to go. This stops you having the time to convince yourself out of it, for one. As well as that, working out is good for maintaining a positive mindset, as it causes our brains to release endorphins. So, start your day with a rush, wake yourself up, and then carry on with everything else.

Exercise specialists are also telling people to change their exercise goals. Everything is changing and in flux right now, and so consider whether your expectations are realistic. You may have been hitting your targets and goals pre-lockdown, but are they possible now?

If you are interested in finding out more about the best way to work out, then give BX Plans a try. The 5BX 11-minute fitness plan for men and the XBX 12-minute fitness plan for women is a great starting point. To help children increase their fitness levels the Fit Kids fitness plan for 7 – 17 years has been specially developed to increase fitness at an easy and moderate pace. BX Plans is a cost effective way to stay in shape. There are no gym fees or special gym equipment needed. For further information visit: www.bxplans-uk.com.

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