Free Workout App Available to Download from BX Plans

At the beginning of 2020 BX Plans had a mission to ‘get the world fit for free’. Pre-Covid the publishers decided that fitness for all was paramount and wanted as many people as possible to experience the benefits of this timeless workout plan. Twelve months on and the way we live, learn and exercise has been radically changed. Many of us are either in forced or voluntary isolation removed from our normal everyday routines. That’s why the publishers of BX Plans are offering a free download of the XBX 12-minute workout app for women for a limited time. Perfect for ‘lockdown living’ it is a great way to get fit and stay fit during the winter months.

Created almost 70 years ago and used by the Royal Canadian Airforce, BX Plans has become a fitness phenomenon. Its popularity has grown over the decades because of its easy to use, no fuss approach to exercise. There’s no gym equipment needed, and no expensive gym fees to worry about. Ian Walton, publisher of the BX Plans for men and women said: “I had used the 5BX Plan in my younger days and as I passed 60, I decided it was time to get fit again. I published the books because I believe it is the best fitness plan ever devised; so simple.”

There is no doubt that BX Plans has helped millions of people maintain their fitness. Many high-profile celebrities including members of the Royal Household such as Prince Phillip and Prince Charles have enjoyed the benefits of BX Plans. In a recent Telegraph article Dame Helen Mirren says, “It is the exercise I have done off and on my whole life. It just very gently gets you fit. Two weeks of doing it and you think: ‘Yeah, I could go to the gym now.”

The BX Fitness plan is great for men and women of all ages as well as children aged between 7-17. It is available in 5 languages which include English, French, German, Spanish and Polish. The books are available worldwide and can be bought direct from the BX Plans website or Amazon. A free eBook is available for both men and women to download. Customers who prefer a book can get 30% off any book purchase which can make a great Christmas gift for a loved one or friend.

As a bonus the women’s XBX 12-minute workout app is available to download for free for a limited time from Google play. The app is fully illustrated and designed to guide users through daily workouts with many charts to choose from. The flexibility of the app on a variety of devices allows workouts to be done with ease in the comfort of the home, office or anywhere else suitable!

This free download can make a great Christmas present for a friend or loved one so remember to share the news. Visit: for further information about BX Plans.

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