Drop a Dress Size with Diet and Exercise

Don’t resort to another fad diet this year: drop a dress size in the only healthy way – with diet and exercise!

“Drop a dress size in two weeks.” “Lose a stone in five days.” There are thousands of articles on the internet, on television, in magazines, advertising the type of weight loss that sounds simply too good to be true. And there’s a good reason for this: it IS too good to be true. The reality is, this sort of miracle diet just isn’t realistic. The vast majority of these diets won’t really work, and those that do won’t be healthy. The only healthy way to lose weight is through a healthy diet and lots of exercise – sorry! As a general rule, dropping a dress size will mean losing somewhere between five and eight kilogrammes – though this number can vary depending on someone’s body shape, muscle mass, starting weight and

height. Even with a strict diet and exercise regime, losing this sort of weight should take around seven to eight weeks – a far cry from the fourteen days advertised by fad diets!

Although many of us would be interested in dropping a dress size, the fact is that you cannot healthily do it in a short space of time. You can, however, do it over a slightly longer period of time, with the right plan.

The Diet

How do you plan a diet which will work for you?

  • Set your goals. Decide on your weight loss goal – in this case, dropping that all-important dress size – and set a date by which you hope to achieve it. This will help you motivate yourself as you’ll be able to see exactly what you’re aiming for.
  • Plan ahead. Spontaneity can lead to bad decision making, so it’s best to plan ahead and avoid these last-minute decisions. Plan out your meals in advance and make sure you always have all of your ingredients ready. This will help you to resist the temptation to resort to unhealthy snacks and takeaways.
  • Check your labels. ‘Low fat’ doesn’t always mean healthy, and neither does ‘sugar free’. Be sure to check the fat and calorie count on a product before buying it, because there might just be another brand which produces the same product in a healthier version.
  • Track your meals. Some people find food diaries helpful, while others don’t find them useful at all. If you aren’t sure of your attitude, give it a try and find out! At the very least, it should help you to identify the times where you’re most likely to break your diet and help you avoid this. Some people have even found that their food diary caused them to completely change their eating habits subconsciously!
    If you’re not keen on the idea of writing everything down on paper, online food diaries like the one on WeightLossResources can come in really handy.
  • Keep your drinking to a minimum. Alcohol is bad for you in more ways than one. If you’re planning to enjoy a drink or to, try to keep your consumption fairly moderate. Of course, different drinks will have different nutritional values, but the vast majority of alcoholic beverages will raise your calorie count for the day significantly – and don’t get me started on those drunken kebabs!
  • Stay on top of your hot beverages. There’s nothing wrong with a cup of tea or coffee every now and then, but you need to keep track of what exactly you’re putting in your body. Very milky, espresso-based coffees can be very calorific, especially in chain coffee shops.
  • Keep it real. Don’t expect to lose too much weight too quickly. As we’ve already seen, dropping a whole dress size in just fourteen days, and plans like that, are simply unrealistic. Set reasonable goals. If you don’t meet your goals, don’t be disheartened, just be as realistic as you can with the next goal!

The Exercise

How do you make sure you stick to your exercise regime?

  • Pick the right regime. Everyone has a different lifestyle, and a different set of factors which affect their activity levels. Because of this, not everyone can find the time to go for a run, or to the gym, or join a sports team. If you have a busy lifestyle, we’d recommend a short, daily routine which you can fit in every day. A great example to try out is the XBX 12-Minute Plan for Women, which has been developed by the Royal Canadian Air Force.
  • Do it for you. Don’t try and lose weight or change the way you look for anyone other than yourself. This isn’t about impressing anyone, it’s about feeling more comfortable in your own skin. Often, those who try to make these changes for someone else find it much more difficult to stick with their plan. You need to want it yourself!
  • Stick with it. Nobody’s workout goes perfectly the very first day they try it. You aren’t born with perfect form or endless stamina, you have to develop it. Exercise takes practice, and practice makes perfect.
  • Take your time. Don’t try to run 5K on your first day of training. If you try to push yourself too far, too soon, you’ll find yourself struggling, sore and discouraged. These things take time.
  • Don’t be too hard on yourself. If you try to force yourself to adopt a pace which you can’t keep up, you’re very likely to give up. Push yourself to exercise, yes, but don’t push too hard. Stay within your own limits.
  • Keep it interesting. Try switching up your routine every now and then, just to keep it new and exciting! Exercise can be something you enjoy, it doesn’t have to be mundane.
  • Make it social. Once you’ve settled on your regime, recruit a friend to do it with you. Even if you’re just doing the 12-minute workout mentioned above, try doing it every day and then messaging your friend to see how theirs went today. Together, you can keep each other motivated!

Dropping your dress size with diet and exercise will be tiring, yes. It will take time, energy and commitment. But once you get there, it will be incredibly rewarding – and much healthier than dropping it through fasting and fads!

For further information about XBX 12 Minute Plan for Women visit www.fitin15.org

Also Weight loss resources has great information and useful tips for weight loss visit: https://www.weightlossresources.co.uk/

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